Orcadians are the native population of the Orkney islands. Historically, they are descended from the Picts, Norse and Scots.

  • Jim Baikie British comics artist, who is best known for his work with Alan Moore on Skizz
  • William Balfour Baikie (1825â€"1864), explorer and naturalist
  • George Mackay Brown (1921â€"1996), poet, author, playwright
  • Mary Brunton (1778â€"1818), author of Self-Control, Discipline and other novels
  • Joseph Storer Clouston (1870-1944), author and historian
  • Thomas Clouston (1840â€"1915), psychiatrist, Superintendent of the Royal Edinburgh Asylum
  • James Copland (1791 â€" 1870), physician and prolific medical writer
  • Stanley Cursiter (1887â€"1976), artist
  • William Towrie Cutt (1898â€"1981), author
  • Walter Traill Dennison (1826â€"1894), Orcadian folklorist
  • Kris Drever, folk singer and guitarist
  • Magnus Erlendsson (Saint Magnus) (c.1070-c.1117), Earl of Orkney c.1105-1117
  • Matthew Forster Heddle (1828â€"1897), mineralogist, author of The Mineralogy of Scotland
  • Malcolm Laing (1762â€"1818), author of the History of Scotland from the Union of the Crowns to the Union of the Kingdoms
  • Samuel Laing (1780â€"1868), author of A Residence in Norway, and translator of the Heimskringla, the Icelandic chronicle of the kings of Norway
  • Samuel Laing (1812â€"1897), chairman of the London, Brighton & South Coast railway, and introducer of the system of "parliamentary" trains with fares of one penny a mile.
  • Kristin Linklater, born 1946, voice teacher, actor, director and author
  • Magnus Linklater (b. 1942), journalist, son of Eric Linklater
  • John D Mackay (b. 1909), headmaster and Orkney patriot
  • Ernest Marwick (1915- 1977), writer noted for his writings on Orkney folklore and history
  • Murdoch McKenzie (d.1797), hydrographer
  • F. Marian McNeill (1885-1973) folklorist, best known for writing The Silver Bough
  • Edwin Muir (1887â€"1959), author and poet
  • Dr. John Rae (1813â€"1893), Arctic explorer
  • Robert Rendall (1898â€"1967), poet, and amateur naturalist
  • Rognvald Kali Kolsson (Saint Rognvald) (c.1103-1158), Earl of Orkney 1136-1158
  • Julyan Sinclair, television presenter
  • Thomas Stewart Traill (1781â€"1862), professor of medical jurisprudence at Edinburgh University and editor of the 8th edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica
  • Cameron Stout (b. 1971) winner of Big Brother in 2003, brother of Julyan Sinclair
  • James Wallace (fl. 1684â€"1724), physician and botanist
  • William Walls (1819â€"1893), lawyer and industrialist
  • Thomas Webster (1773â€"1844), Scottish geologist and architect
  • The Wrigley Sisters Jennifer and Hazel, international folk duo

People associated with Orkney

  • Rev. Matthew Armour (1820â€"1903), Sanday's radical Free Kirk Minister
  • Vere Gordon Childe (1892-1957), Australian archaeologist and philologist who excavated Maeshowe
  • Sir Peter Maxwell Davies (b. 1934), composer and Master of the Queen's Music
  • John Gow (c.1698â€"1725), notorious pirate
  • Andrew Greig (b. 1951), Scottish writer
  • Jo Grimond (1913â€"1993), Liberal Party leader and MP for Orkney and Shetland 1950-1983
  • David Harvey (b. 1948), footballer
  • Eric Linklater (1899â€"1974), novelist, playwright, journalist, essayist and poet
  • Margaret, Maid of Norway (1283â€"1290, Orkney), Queen of Scots and a Norwegian princess
  • Robert Archibald Shaw (1927-1978), English actor and novelist
  • William Sichel (b. 1951), ultra distance runner
  • Luke Sutherland (b. 1971), writer of novels Jelly Roll, Sweetmeat and Venus as a Boy
  • Jim Wallace, Baron Wallace of Tankerness (b. 1954), former MP for Orkney and Shetland (1983â€"2001), MSP for Orkney (1999â€"2007), Deputy First Minister of Scotland and leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats

See also Earldom of Orkney


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