The Culture of Brittany is made up of Breton culture, and Celtic culture. Brittany's strongest international connections tend to be in the United Kingdom, particularly in the Celtic groups of Cornwall and Wales, and in Canada.

Brittany is the English-language name for the region called Breizh in the native Breton language, or Brezhoneg, and Bretagne in French. Once independent, as the Duchy of Brittany, and then a duchy within France, Brittany is now the name of an administrative area (région), whose capital is Rennes.

Local languages

Culture of Brittany
  • Breton language, a Celtic language.
  • Gallo language, a Romance language.

pan id="Costume">Costume

Culture of Brittany
  • bigouden
  • bagads
  • biniou

Food and Drink

Culture of Brittany
  • crêpe
  • chouchen
  • galette
  • kouign amann


Culture of Brittany
  • Fest Noz
  • Festival Interceltique de Lorient
  • Kalan Goañv


  • Flag of Brittany


Culture of Brittany
  • Bro Gozh ma Zadoù
  • Breton music

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Culture of Brittany
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