Events from 1999 in Scotland


1999 in Scotland
  • Monarch â€" Elizabeth II
  • First Minister and Keeper of the Great Seal - Donald Dewar (from 17 May 1999)


1999 in Scotland
  • 7 February - Sunday Herald newspaper is launched.
  • 12 February - Scientists at the Rowett Research Institute in Aberdeen reinforce warnings that genetically modified food may be damaging to the human body.
  • 31 March - Buchanan Galleries shopping mall opened to the public in Glasgow city centre.
  • 6 May - Scottish Parliament general election, 1999: The first elections to the new Scottish Parliament.
  • 7 May - No party wins overall majority in the first Scottish Parliament general election. The Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats agree to form a coalition government, with Donald Dewar as the First Minister of Scotland.
  • 12 May - The Scottish Parliament meets in Edinburgh for its first session in the General Assembly Hall of the Church of Scotland on the Royal Mile.
  • 31 May - The Orkney island of Papa Stronsay is purchased by The Transalpine Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, a traditionalist Catholic religious institute which will establish Golgotha Monastery there.
  • June - Scotland's first Gaelic-medium primary school, Glasgow Gaelic School (Bunsgoil Ghàidhlig Ghlaschu), opens.
  • 1 July - Formal transfer of powers from Westminster to the new Scottish Parliament.
  • 4 August - George Robertson, MP for Hamilton South, appointed as Secretary General of NATO.
  • 9 August - Charles Kennedy, MP for Ross, Cromarty and Skye, elected leader of the Liberal Democrats (UK).
  • 23 September - Hamilton South by-election results in Labour's Bill Tynan holding the UK parliament seat by 556 votes in the face of a 22.6% swing to the SNP.
  • 17 November - The Scotland national football team fail to qualify for UEFA Euro 2000 after a 2-1 aggregate defeat by England in the qualifying playoff round.
  • 2 December - The 'Heart of Neolithic Orkney' is designated as a World Heritage Site.


1999 in Scotland
  • 11 January - Naomi Mitchison, novelist (born 1897)
  • 30 January - Mick McGahey, Communist miners' leader (born 1925)
  • 9 August - Cliff Hanley, writer (born 1922)
  • 11 September - Janet Adam Smith, writer and mountaineer (born 1905)
  • 1 October - Lena Zavaroni, entertainer (born 1963)

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1999 in Scotland

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