Events from 1998 in Scotland


  • Monarch â€" Elizabeth II


1998 in Scotland
  • 31 March - The last Northern Lighthouse Board lighthouse is converted to automatic operation without resident keepers, Fair Isle South.
  • 31 May - The Sky Scottish satellite television channel closes after 18 months on air.
  • 10 June - Scotland open the 1998 World Cup, playing champions Brazil in France, though they lose 2-1 after a deflected goal in the 76th minute.
  • 16 June - Scotland draw 1-1 against Norway in their second game of the World Cup.
  • 23 June - Scotland lose 3-0 to Morocco in their final group stage match of the world Cup, failing to qualify for the next round.
  • 24 August - The Netherlands is selected as the venue for the trial of the two Libyans who are charged with the Lockerbie aircraft bombing that killed 270 people in December 1988.
  • 19 November - The Scotland Act, the legislation to set up a devolved unicameral Scottish Parliament, receives its Royal Assent.
  • 30 November - New Museum of Scotland opened in Edinburgh.
  • 26 December - Great Boxing Day Storm: Severe gale force winds hit Ireland, southern Scotland and northern England. Roads, railways and electricity are disrupted.


  • 7 April - James McIntosh Patrick, landscape painter (born 1907)
  • 15 October - Iain Crichton Smith, poet (born 1928)
  • 21 October - Sir Alec Cairncross, economist (born 1911)
  • November - Robin Hall, folk singer (born 1936)

The Arts

  • Martyn Bennett's Celtic fusion album Bothy Culture is released.
  • The BBC Scotland television drama Looking After Jo Jo, starring Robert Carlyle, is screened.

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