Events from 1997 in Scotland


1997 in Scotland
  • Monarch - Elizabeth II


1997 in Scotland
  • 22 February - Scientists at the Roslin Institute announce the birth of a cloned sheep named Dolly seven months after the fact.
  • 31 March - Train operating company ScotRail (acquired by National Express Group) begins operation of its passenger service franchise in Scotland as part of the privatisation of British Rail, the last company to be sold.
  • 1 May - UK General Election results in all Conservative MPs in Scotland losing their seats. Mohammad Sarwar, elected for Labour in Glasgow Govan, becomes the UK's first ever Muslim MP.
  • 5 August - James Reid is jailed for life for the murder of four-year-old James Ward, whose skull was struck by so many blows with a slater's hammer that it was smashed into fragments, like a jigsaw.
  • 7 September - Clyde Auditorium opened in Glasgow.
  • 8 September - The football clubs in the Premier Division decide to split from the Scottish Football League and form the Scottish Premier League from next season.
  • 11 September - Referendum in Scotland on the creation of a national Parliament with devolved powers takes place. Voters back the plans for a national Parliament with limited tax raising powers.
  • 6 November - Labour holds the Paisley South by-election despite a swing of 11.3% to the Scottish National Party.
  • 18 December - The bill to establish the Scottish Parliament unveiled by Secretary of State for Scotland Donald Dewar.
  • December - Valhalla Brewery, the most northerly in Britain, opened on Unst.
  • Equality Network established to campaign for LGBT rights in Scotland.


1997 in Scotland
  • 22 January - Billy Mackenzie, singer, by suicide (born 1957)
  • 4 September - Belle Stewart, traditional singer (born 1906)

The Arts

1997 in Scotland
  • Wigtown and Dalmellington become book towns.

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