Events from 1996 in Scotland


1996 in Scotland
  • Monarch â€" Elizabeth II


  • 13 March - Dunblane school massacre - A gunman kills 16 children, their teacher and himself at a primary school in Dunblane, Stirling. The killer, who wounded 13 other children and another teacher, is quickly identified as 43-year-old former scout leader Thomas Hamilton.
  • 1 April - The Local Government etc. (Scotland) Act 1994 takes effect with 32 unitary councils replacing the 9 Regional Councils, 53 District Councils and 3 unitary authorities that had been established under the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973.
  • >18 May - Rangers F.C., who have already won the Scottish Football League title, complete the Scottish double by beating Hearts 5-1 in the Scottish Cup final.
  • 5 July - Dolly the sheep, the first mammal to have been successfully cloned from an adult cell, is born at The Roslin Institute in Midlothian.
  • October - The Shetland Times and The Shetland News become involved in a landmark legal case over alleged copyright infringement and deep linking in their websites.
  • 9 November - Irvine, North Ayrshire, is designated a New Town, the last of the five created in Scotland.
  • 30 November (St. Andrew's Day) - The Stone of Scone is installed in Edinburgh Castle 700 years after it was removed from Scotland by King Edward I of England.
  • Edinburgh Old Town and New Towns become the first World Heritage Site in mainland Scotland.
  • First of the Maggie's Centres for drop-in cancer care in the U.K. opens in Edinburgh.


  • 13 January - Craig Storie, footballer
  • 8 February - Jaison McGrath, footballer


  • 23 January - Norman MacCaig, poet (born 1910)
  • 13 April - George Mackay Brown, poet (born 1921)
  • 16 August - Eric Cullen, actor (born 1965)
  • 24 November - Sorley MacLean, poet (born 1911)

The Arts

1996 in Scotland
  • January - Indie pop band Belle and Sebastian is formed in Glasgow; on 6 June their debut album Tigermilk is released.
  • James MacMillan's first opera Inés de Castro is premièred by Scottish Opera in Glasgow.
  • Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow opens.

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