Events from 1986 in Scotland


1986 in Scotland
  • Monarch - Elizabeth II


  • 26 March - Kenny Dalglish becomes the first Scotland national football team player to be capped 100 times at senior level.
  • April - Scottish Unionist Party established.
  • 8 May - Scottish local Regional elections, 1986, result in the Conservatives losing control of the two Regional Councils where they previously held a majority: Grampian and Tayside.
  • 24 Julyâ€"2 August - Commonwealth Games held in Edinburgh.
  • c. August - The millionth council house in the United Kingdom is sold to its tenants in Scotland, seven years after the right to buy scheme was launched.
  • 9 September - MS Norsea launched at Govan, the largest passenger ship built on the Clyde (31785 GT) and last large passenger ship built in the U.K.
  • 26 October - Bus deregulation in Great Britain: First Magic Bus (Stagecoach) operation, in Glasgow.
  • 6 November - 1986 British International Helicopters Chinook crash: 45 oil workers killed when a Chinook helicopter carrying them from the Brent oilfield crashes in Shetland.
  • December - The St Kilda islands become the first World Heritage Site in Scotland.


  • 18 June - Richard Madden, actor
  • 13 November - Kevin Bridges, stand-up comedian


1986 in Scotland
  • 21 September - Bill Simpson, actor (born 1931)

The Arts

  • Robert Alan Jamieson's novel Thin Wealth and Shetland Scots poetry collection Shoormal are published.

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