Events from 1974 in Scotland


1974 in Scotland
  • Monarch â€" Elizabeth II (since 6 February 1952)


  • 28 February â€" The general election results in the first hung parliament since 1929, though Labour wins a majority of seats in Scotland. The Scottish National Party make a breakthrough winning 7 MPs.
  • 6 May â€" Inauguration of full electric service on British Rail's West Coast Main Line through to Glasgow Central railway station.
  • 10 October â€" The second general election of the year results in a narrow victory for Harold Wilson, giving Labour a majority of three seats. Labour also wins a majority of seats within Scotland, while the Scottish National Party secures its highest-ever Westminster representation with 11 seats.
  • 31 December â€" Idi Amin, President of Uganda, issues a proclamation in support of Scottish independence.
  • Calum MacLeod (of Raasay) completes a 10-year self-imposed task of personally constructing "Calum's Road", a nearly 2 mile (3 km) track at the north end of the island.
  • Last permanent inhabitants of Taransay leave.


  • 17 January â€" Danny Bhoy, born Danni Chaudhry, comedian
  • 23 August â€" Ray Park, actor
  • 30 October â€" Kerry McGregor, singer-songwriter and actress


  • 24 January - Andrew Dewar Gibb, lawyer and Scottish National Party politician (born 1888)
  • 29 May - James MacTaggart, television producer (born 1928)

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