Events from 1971 in Scotland


  • Monarch â€" Elizabeth II (since 6 February 1952)


  • 2 January â€" 1971 Ibrox disaster: A stairway crush at the Rangers vs. Celtic football match at Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow kills 66 and leaves many more injured.
  • 10 March â€" 1971 Scottish soldiers' killings: Three young off-duty Royal Highland Fusiliers are lured from a bar in Belfast and shot by the Provisional Irish Republican Army in The Troubles in Northern Ireland.
  • 25 May â€" Production begins at the Invergordon aluminium works.
  • 15 June â€" Upper Clyde Shipbuilders enters liquidation.
  • 2 July
    • Royal Scots Dragoon Guards formed as the senior Scottish regiment of the British Army at Holyrood, Edinburgh, by amalgamation of the Royal Scots Greys and 3rd Carabiniers.
    • Erskine Bridge opened over the River Clyde.
  • 30 July â€" Upper Clyde Shipbuilders workers begin to take control of the shipyards in a work-in under the leadership of Jimmy Reid.
  • 16 September â€" Stirling and Falkirk by-election: Labour retains the seat but the Scottish National Party takes second place with a surge of 20% in their support.
  • 21 October â€" Clarkston explosion: A gas explosion in Clarkston, Glasgow kills at least twenty people.
  • 22 November â€" Six climbers die trying to climb Cairn Gorm.
  • 2 December â€" Last resident families leave the island of Scarp.
  • Expansion of Erskine as a planned community begins.
  • Tom Farmer opens the first Kwik Fit car servicing centre, in Edinburgh.


  • 21 January - Alan McManus, snooker player
  • 27 March - David Coulthard, racing driver
  • 31 March - Ewan McGregor, actor
  • 1 April - Karen Dunbar, comedian
  • 18 April - David Tennant, actor
  • 31 July - Craig MacLean, track cyclist
  • 19 August - Paul McGrillen, footballer (suicide 2009)
  • 7 October - Aasmah Mir, journalist and presenter
  • 8 October - Michelle Mone, entrepreneur


  • 16 June - John Reith, 1st Baron Reith, broadcasting executive (born 1889)
  • 25 June - John Boyd Orr, physician and biologist, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (born 1880)
  • 28 August - Edith Hughes, architect (born 1888)
  • 12 December
    • Torrance Gillick, Rangers F.C. winger (born 1915)
    • Alan Morton, Rangers outside left (born 1893)
  • 22 December - D. Alan Stevenson, lighthouse engineer and philatelist (born 1891)

The Arts

  • 18 November - Stewart Conn's play The Burning, concerning King James VI of Scotland, premieres.
  • Douglas Hurd and Andrew Osmond's political thriller Scotch on the Rocks, concerning a terrorist group fighting for Scottish independence in the near future, is published by Collins.
  • English composer Peter Maxwell Davies settles in Orkney, initially on Hoy.

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