This is a list of winged unicorns:


List of winged unicorns
  • 1983 Whisper, the Winged Unicorn (sticker book) story by Karen Styles.
  • 1986 Whisper's Golden Friend (sticker book) by Jill Wolf


  • 1983 (August) Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld rides one
  • 1986: Swift Wind in She-Ra (Princess of Power mazazine)

§Film, television and animation

  • 1982 (November 4): Tokimeki Tonight episode 4 features a statue of a winged unicorn on the top of the throne of the Demon King. This royal crest is also present on a pendant that Prince Aaron gives to the protagonist.
  • 1995 (September): Sunstar from Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders
  • 1996: Kleo The Misfit Unicorn
  • 2014 a "unicorn with wings" is summoned from Dora's charm bracelet in "Puppet Theater", the 8th episode of Dora and Friends: Into the City!

§Games and toys

  • 1992 (March): "Falcon Knights" or "Falcoknights" introduced in Fire Emblem Gaiden ride armored winged unicorns
  • 1993 (February day unknown) Advanced Dungeons & Dragons supplement Dragon #190 features the "Unisus" D&D-style unicorn.
  • 1996: Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus card for Yu-Gi-Oh! series released

§My Little Pony

  • 2012 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (April 21) Princess Cadance then Queen Chrysalis (and her horde of Changelings) in episodes 51 and 52 (A Canterlot Wedding ) and Twilight Sparkle

§Music and theater

List of winged unicorns
  • 2000: The Last Winged Unicorn from the Rhapsody of Fire album Dawn of Victory


List of winged unicorns
  • 1984 (month unknown) Imraith-Nimphais in The Summer Tree
  • 1985 (March 23) Baby Surprise has both a horn and wings due to a blooper in the (generation 1) My Little Pony film Escape from Catrina during the song "Let's Not Take A Nap".
  • 1985 (September 9) Swift Wind from She-Ra: Princess of Power. It is later revealed that his mate Star Wind and all the inhabitants of Unicorn Island (including their foal) are winged unicorns also.
  • 1993 (November 24): Ravan from The Ancestral Trail
  • 1995 (September): Sunstar from Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders
  • 1996: Kleo The Misfit Unicorn
  • 1997: Friendship Garden Ponies (generation 2 of My Little Pony) unicorn pony toys Copper Glow, Silver Glow, Golden Glow, and Diamond Glow all had clip-on wings
  • 1998: Yuniita from Flint the Time Detective
  • 1998: Esprit and Heat from Dream a Little Dream (novel) by Piers Anthony
  • 1999: Unimon from Digimon Adventure
  • 1999: Eunice (unicorn) from Dragon Tales
  • 2001: Pegasion from Dennou Boukenki Webdiver
  • 2002: Ginzan from Daigunder
  • 2003 (October 16) Joey Yung rides a winged unicorn prop on stage performance Show Up! Live
  • 2003 (December 5) "Pegasus Horn" is a Magnus Card in video game Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean
  • 2004: St. Vrus, the Child of Yukariko Sanada in My-HiME
  • 2005 (May 15) The carousel Le Manège d'Andrea features a winged unicorn.
  • 2005 (December 15) Uniceros monster featured in Tales of the Abyss
  • 2006: The Battle for Goblin Knob page 40 introduces unipegataurs to Erfworld
  • 2007 (December 21) the "Pegasussicorn" is the name settled on by Becky and Violet (after rejecting Unisus and Pegacorn) in segment 2 (Chuck the Nice Pencil-Selling Guy) of episode 7 of WordGirl
  • 2008: Lunette from the Gargoyles series
  • 2009 (September 7) Opal debuts in episode 26 of the Jewelpet anime series
  • 2011 (December 9) Grapefruit's Totally True Tales and Ultimate Marshmallow Tease and other episodes from The Annoying Orange including Daneboe Exposed#9: Daneboe Apocalypse and Nyan Boe all feature winged unicorns

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List of winged unicorns

List of winged unicorns

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