Varieties are often confused with breeds. Only one breed, turkey, is recognized by the APA in its breed standard, the American Standard of Perfection. Currently, eight varieties of domestic turkeys are recognized by the American Poultry Association (APA). Many more exist as officially unrecognized variants or as recognized breeds in other countries.

APA varieties

The only breed of turkey recognized by the EE in the European Standard of Perfection is the German Turkey. Currently, twelve varieties of domestic turkeys are recognized by the European Association of Poultry, Pigeon, Bird, Rabbit and Cavia Breeders (EE). Other varieties with Standards of Perfection of European national Associations are accepted.

EE varieties

Other varieties or breeds not recognized by the APA or EE include the following:

  • Auburn or Light Brown is an extremely rare heritage breed; its numbers are not considered high enough for inclusion in the Standard. An extremely rare variant of the Auburn is called the Silver Auburn.
  • Buff (or Jersey Buff) is a very rare heritage breed.
  • Chocolate breed is chocolate brown in color. Day-old poults are white-faced with chocolate bodies.
  • Midget White is a rare heritage breed sometimes conflated with the Beltsville Small White.
  • Zagorje (Zagorski puran) is a Croatian variant of turkey.

See also

  • Ocellated turkey a species of turkey residing primarily in the Yucatán Peninsula in Central America.


List of turkey breeds
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List of turkey breeds

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