This is a list of legendary creatures from mythology, folklore and fairy tales, sorted by their classification or affiliation. Creatures from modern fantasy fiction and role-playing games are not included.

§Animals, creatures associated with


§Antelopes and deer

§Aquatic and marine mammals




  • see also Category:Mythological bears


  • see also Category:Legendary birds


  • see also Category:Mythological bovines


  • Allocamelus - A donkey-headed camel.


  • see also Category:Mythological canines


  • see also Category:Mythological caprids


  • Kurage-no-hinotama


  • see also Category:Mythological horses


  • see also Category:Mythological felines


  • see also Category:Mythical fish


  • Inugami
  • Werehyena


  • Drop Bear
  • Gunni
  • Phantom kangaroo
  • Bunyip


  • Akkorokamui
  • Kraken
  • Shen

§Musteloids, mongoose and Civets


  • See List of elephants in mythology and religion


  • Veo

§Pigs and Boars

  • Calydonian Boar
  • Erymanthian Boar
  • Zhu Bajie
  • see also Category:Mythological pigs


  • see also Category:Mythological monkeys

§Rabbits and hares

  • see also Category:Mythological rabbits and hares

§Reptiles, limbed

  • see also Category:Legendary reptiles


  • see also Category:Mythological rodents

§Serpents and worms

  • see also Category:Legendary serpents


  • Peluda


  • Mapinguari


  • Lavellan


§Cryptid animals

See a list of cryptids

§Artificial creatures

This listing includes creatures that are man-made, mechanical or of alchemical origins.

§Body parts, creatures associated with



  • Bloody Bones
  • Gashadokuro
  • Grim Reaper
  • Skeleton



  • Asura
  • Deva / Devi
  • Noppera-bō


  • Futakuchi-onna
  • Harionago
  • Medusa




  • Futakuchi-onna
  • Kuchisake-onna


  • Selkie
  • Skin-walker


  • Bakeneko
  • Kitsune
  • Yamata no Orochi
  • Kumiho



  • Manananggal

§Concepts, creatures associated with

List of legendary creatures by type

§Evil eye

§Immortality and death

§Fertility and human sexuality

§Birth and rebirth

  • Phoenix
  • Ubume

§Luck and wealth


§Love and romance

§Dream and mind


Note: see Talking animal

  • Gef
  • Serpent in Bible


  • Bai Ze
  • Salmon of Wisdom
  • Sphinx

§Time and Technology

  • Father Time
  • Gremlin



List of legendary creatures by type
  • see list of theological demons

§Elements, creatures associated with


§Air and wind

  • see List of flying mythological creatures



This listing also includes subterranean and cave-dwelling creatures:


§Light and rainbow

§Metal and gold (metalsmith and treasure)

§Thunder and lightning


  • see also Category:Mythological water creatures

§Habitats, creatures associated with

§Cave and underground

§Celestial and heaven


§Temperate forest and woodland

§Tropical forest and jungle

§Temperate grassland and garden

  • Fairy
  • Gnome


  • Emela-ntouka
  • Ennedi tiger
  • Werehyena

§Lake and river

§Mountain and hill


§Swamp and marsh

§Volcano and lava

  • Cherufe
  • Phoenix
  • Salamander

§Polar, ice, and Winter

§Urban and house

§Underworld and hell


List of legendary creatures by type
see Mythic humanoids


List of legendary creatures by type
see List of hybrid creatures

§Astronomical objects, creatures associated with

List of legendary creatures by type


  • Kua Fu a giant in China
  • Three-legged bird in China, Japan
  • Phoenix in Greek Mythology


  • Jade rabbit
  • Werewolf



  • World Elephant
  • World Turtle
  • See List of mythological places

§Plants, creatures associated with


see List of shapeshifters

§Times, creatures associated with

§Day and diurnal

§Night and nocturnal



  • see also Category:Ghosts and Ghosts in Hindu Mythology - Bhoot, Baital & Pishacha


  • see also Category:Corporeal undead


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